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We’re constantly on the hunt for real estate properties that can be used for contractors and used as serviced accommodation. Our bespoke real estate management and turnkey investment services are catered to your unique needs, and we offer the following:


1. Consistent real estate income stream.

2. Simple cost structure.

3. Property condition guarantee.

4. No letting or any hidden fees.

5. Guaranteed steady income with your full market rent given every month.

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Bespoke sourcing of a single buy to let and management of the project

Our bespoke real estate management packages include the aforementioned points above and full management of a refurbishment project, including instructing builders, solicitors, bridging finance and finding you the correct mortgage after.  

To be eligible for this package, you must be a current UK landlord.

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This includes property due diligence, sourcing and the negotiation of the property deal, and putting you in touch with local management companies if we are unable to do it ourselves.

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Corporate/mini bonds

We currently offer a fixed return on our property-secured corporate/mini-bonds for our sophisticated investors and high-net-worth individuals. For more details on this, please fill in your details using this form.

We are using this to fuel business expansion. Unlike standard buy to let, there are no void periods and no involvement on any part. Every investor will have a first charge over the properties on the project. 

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